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20.05.2017 05:47 - lingerie China
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 Models pose in fishnets and lingerie with stray CATS lingerie China for bizarre 2017 charity calendar


TALK about taking the phrase sex kitten literally.

A raunchy new calendar to raise funds for stray moggies has seen a pack of 12 models pose with stray cats to raise money for charity.

CEN9Meowy Christmas: Models pose with kittens in this racy 2017 calendar to raise money for charity

And while we"ve seen some odd gifts this year – everything from overpriced rocks to extra long jeans, this one wins the odd stakes by more than a whisker.Models pose in fishnets and lingerie with stray CATS for racy 2017 calendar

The models posed in fishnets, lingerie and cat ears for the Siamese Kitty Cat calendar to raise funds for stray adoptions in Thailand.

CEN9Purr-fect gift: The organisers are hoping the calendar will be a hit for 2017

Organiser Catherine Costa called together a group of model pals in Bangkok to pose with real life stray cats for the raunchy snaps.

CEN9The models kept the party mood going for their shoot with bubbles and a DJ spinning dance music

All the cats - including one with just two legs - were rescued from the streets by local feline charity PAWS Bangkok.

CEN9The calendar, which shows the models posing with the strays in raunchy positions, is raising money for a cat charity

She explained to local media: "I wanted to bring attention to cat adoption in a fun way. I mean, hot girls and cats, who doesn’t love that?"

CEN9The kittens in the calendar are actual stray kittens from the streets of Bangkok

To get everyone in the festive mood, local champagne suppliers provided free bubbly and a DJ spun dance music during the shoot. He even gave one or two of the cats a chance to try their paws at scratching on his turntables.

CEN9The twelve models are hoping to raise money for local feline charity PAWS Bangkok with the calendar

A video of the session shows the girls popping champagne corks as their feline models look like the cats who got the cream.

Costa explained: "I wanted to make it fun so I created a party atmosphere at the shoot.`"

She added: "I just hope to get people talking about adopting cats. It might get them talking to see these street cats being held and loved by cute, sexy girls."

CEN9One model said, "Could you think of a better way to spend a Friday night?"

And one of the models - Veronica Guarino - added: "Towards the end, it was just a super fun dance party with sexy girls, kittens, Prosecco and TLC full blast.

CEN9Catherine Costa, who organised the shoot, said: "I wanted to bring attention to cat adoption in a fun way."

"Could you think of a better way to spend a Friday night? Oh, and it was all in the name of charity."

CEN9"I mean, hot girls and cats, who doesn’t love that?" Said Catherine Costa

She added: "It felt great that it was a project all put together by women, featuring feminine beauty.Related StoriesChristmas Cat-astrophyDogs in the fairy lights and cats in the trees, these pets just want to get involved with the Christmas funCARE BEARTouching moment a wild polar bear PETS a chained-up sled dog in Canada2 + 2 = PHWOARThe world’s hottest maths teacher is on a mission to ‘defeat the stereotype’ that all models are dumbPaw memory? Not at allDogs can remember all the times you treated them badly, scientists claim

"There"s something special about ladies banding together to do something as wonderful as this."

A Merry Catmas all round!The Sun

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